Terms & Conditions

Our cancellation policies apply to all reservations without exception.
For all Cancellation Policies, please see: https://www.hotelaalders.nl/cancellation-policy

We accept cash payments, however we are unable to accept bills of €200,- and €500,-.

Cooking in guest rooms is strictly forbidden by Health Authorities.
No candles or open flames are permitted in the room or public areas. Should the Fire Alarm be activated, the cost of Emergency Services attending, will be charged to the guest.

Any Company details for invoices needs to be submitted in written before the check-out date.
No modifications (guest names, company details etc) can be made to the invoice after check-out. 

The hotel reserves the right to pre-authorize credit cards prior to your arrival.
The hotel reserves the right to request a deposit of €150 upon check-in.

We expect the utmost respect of our guests for our property and belongings.
When damages caused by severe neglect by the guest, we are forced to charge all costs to the responsible booker. This will include repairs at cost, plus a daily room rate equal to the daily rate that we would charge if the room was available, until the said room has been returned to it's saleable condition.

Hotel Aalders values a high hygiene standard for it’s guests.
For excessive dirty rooms an additional clean fee of €150 will be charged to the guest.

For room degradation (such as bodily wastes) a €250 cleaning fee will be charged, plus any professional external cleaning charges at cost, plus a daily room rate equal to the daily rate that we would charge if the room was available, until the said room has been returned to it's saleable condition.

Different policies apply for Group Reservations. A Group Reservations consists of 4 or more rooms. When booking a group reservation, the total of the reservation will be charged to bookers credit card within 3 days after receiving the booking by the hotel. The payment for the group reservation becomes Non Refundable.

Hotel Aalders does not accept any liability and makes no compensation in any form when unable to offer services contracted by us due to circumstances beyond our control: (natural) disaster, fire, war and terrorism, strikes, riots, cancellation of flight/train/bus/boat, pandemics, government regulations, labour disputes, unfavourable weather conditions or other exceptional and catastrophic events, circumstances or emergencies that make it impossible to stay at our hotel.

Our housekeeping team cleans all our rooms daily.
In case you prefer no service, no problem!
That being said: Hotel Aalders values a high hygiene standard for all it’s guests.
Our team therefor needs to service and clean the room at least every other day during your stay.

Re-using towels saves water and means fewer detergents that pollute our planet.
Willing to re-use your towel? Please hang it on the rack in your room. Want your towel replaced? Please leave it on the floor.

The high standard for hygiene and our environmental responsibilities are part of our conscientious and commercial efforts in offering the best services to our guests, while contributing to a better planet.

Hotel Aalders is not liable for any damages, loss or theft of goods and can therefore not be obligated to pay any form of compensation whatsoever in this context.
The restrictions mentioned above will be forfeited when the result is due to wilful or deliberate recklessness/neglect on the part of Hotel Aalders and it’s team.
Compensation for damages suffered caused by neglect, are not exceeded by the total price paid by the guest for the services offered by Hotel Aalders. Under no circumstances will the total liability of Hotel Aalders for direct damages of any kind exceed an amount of € 250.

All lost & found items are registered by our team and will send a notification to the guest regarding the found object. In case we do not receive a response in 3 months, the item(s) will be donated to charity.

Our check out time is until 11:00 hours in the morning. In case the guest is not present in the room after 11:00 hours and the belongings are still present, one of our management level team members will pack the belongings to ensure the room can be cleaned by our housekeeping team for the arriving guests of that day. The luggage/belongings will be stored in a safe and secure area and can be picked up at the front office. An additional €100,- packing costs will be invoiced, which will need to be paid when picking up the belongings.

We are happy to let you know that Hotel Aalders is located in a quiet residential street in the heart of the Museum District. 
We kindly ask you to keep in mind that our hotel is situated in a monumental building from 1902, which means it is not as isolated and soundproofed as modern buildings are these days.

Due to being a monumental- and former residential building, our hotel has a lot of unique nooks and crannies. This may include: elevated bathrooms, raised step(s) and narrow corridors.
All our rooms are all unique in sizes and measurements.

In case you have reserved the Flexible Rate, the payment is at arrival.
In case you have reserved the Non Refundable Rate, your creditcard will be charged after making your booking.
All the reserved rooms will be paid in one payment.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

We take your personal data and security very seriously.
It is therefor only possible to book through our website, where you can find all prices and availability.
Our website offers a safe and secure environment to make your reservation with personal details.
We are unable to make any reservation through e-mail or by phone.

When leaving the hotel, the Room Key will be left at the Front Office at any time.
This is due to security and fire safety reasons.

Lost or stolen keys will incur a €150 replacement fee. Attempts will be made to contact the guest who will be given the opportunity to return key within 7 days. Failure to do so will result in the fee being charged to the guest.

Guests are not allowed to exceed the declared number of persons on the reservation unless consent is given by hotel staff.
It is not allowed in any case to stay in the room with more persons than the maximum number of guests for the booked room type.
The maximum number of guests per room type are as following (this includes children):

Small Single Room | max. 1 person*
Deluxe Small Single Room | max. 1 person*
Small Double Room | max. 2 persons*
Deluxe Small Double Room | max. 2 persons*
Comfort Double Room | max. 2 persons*
Deluxe Comfort Double Room  | max. 2 persons*
Triple Room | max. 3 persons*
Family Room | max. 4 persons*

When you arrive with more persons than the maximum number of guests of the reserved room type, entrance to the room is limited to the maximum number of guests of the reserved room type: This means another room needs to be booked for the excess person(s).

* Up to one child up to 2 years of age can sleep in the excisting beds for free! Only one addition 0-2 year old per room.

A baby cot is possible in the following rooms: Comfort Double Room, Deluxe Comfort Double Room, Triple Room and Family Room. Only one babycot per room.
It is not possible to place a baby cot in our (Deluxe) Small Single Room or (Deluxe) Small Double Room, however children up to 2 years of age can sleep in the excisting beds for free! 

Please contact us directly for availability and to reserve a baby cot for your stay (only one addition 0-2 year old per room).

An extra bed is only possible on our Family Rooms. Only one extra bed per Family Room is possible. Please contact us directly for availability and to reserve an extra bed for your stay.

In any case, the cancellation policy will be maintained.

Hotel Aalders is a non smoking hotel and maintains a zero tolerance policy for: Smoking, Narcotics & Drugs.
This policy applies to all rooms, balconies and public areas. When smoking in the room or when drugs/narcotics are found in the room or in public areas, the hotel reserves the right to issue a fine of €150 + costs for any damages. The hotel reserves the right to immediately terminate your reservation without refund of the reservation nor the deposit paid and legal action will be taken.