Cancellation Policy

You can cancel or modify Flexible Rate reservations free of charge up to 48 hours before the day of arrival. Please note that the day of arrival starts at 0.00 a.m. local time. In the event of a late cancellation, the total price of each cancelled room will be charged. In the case of a NO SHOW, the total price of each unused room will be charged. The hotel will hold your room & reservation until 7 a.m. on the day after your planned arrival.

With Non-Refundable reservations it is not possible to receive a refund when cancelling your reservation or to modify your reservation.

No refund is possible when your stay is cut short.

What time is meant by 'free cancellation is possible up to 48 hours before the day of arrival, where the day of arrival starts at 0:00 a.m.?
You can cancel free of charge (for bookings that apply) up to 48 hours before the arrival date, this day starts at 0:00 local time (CET: Central European Time).

What is a Non-Refundable reservation?
This is a reservation where the overnight costs are charged directly to your credit card and which can subsequently no longer be canceled or changed.

Why should I opt for a Non-Refundable rate?
Because you waive flexible cancellation (Flexible Rate) and the reservation will be charged immediately, we give you a 10% discount! The Non-Refundable rate is therefore always the most advantageous rate available.

I booked including breakfast
In case you booked including breakfast, the cancellation policy mentioned above also applies to your breakfast reservation.

Groups *
24 hours after booking, 100% of all room nights must be paid. The payment becomes Non Refundable.
When making a reservation of 4 or more rooms, the Flexible Rate is converted to the Non Refundable Rate 24 hours after making your booking. The full amount of your reservation will be charged to your creditcard. No refund is possible.

* Groups: Every booking of 4 rooms or more.

All rates published on our website are including 9% VAT, however excluding Citytax (7% of the roomrate + €3 per person, per night).

A discountcode can not be applied to excisting reservations and is only valid by filling in the discountcode and making a reservation on our website

By making your reservation, you agree with the mentioned cancellation policy corresponding with the ratecode you reserved and the inability of refunds or modification of your reservation/dates etc .This includes Force Majeure, which means: (natural) disaster, fire, war and terrorism, strikes, riots, cancellation of flight/train/bus/boat, pandemics, government regulations, labour disputes, unfavourable weather conditions or other exceptional and catastrophic events, circumstances or emergencies that make it impossible to stay at our hotel.

In case you have booked the Non Refundable Rate and you do not agree with the cancellation policies written in this confirmation, you are able to cancel your reservation without penalty within 24 hours after making your reservation.

In case you have booked the FlexibleRate, you are able to cancel without penalty 48 hours before your arrival date (please note: The day starts at 0:00)

Cancellation policy regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic
As the current Covid-19 pandemic and risks are globally known for over 2 years, it is within reasonable knowledge that when making your reservation the cancellation policy will be maintained. Therefor it is not possible to modify your reservation or to receive a refund when booking our Non Refundable Rate or within 48 hours before arrival when booking our Flexible Rate.


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